The Old Southendian Magazine

The Old Southendian Association Magazine is distributed annually to all Members for whom the Association holds a current address.

The "Old Southendian" is being revamped for 2024 - further news will be shared in due course. (December 2023)

If you have not received a copy of the Magazine, please advise the Registrar at

Selected articles from the Magazines can be found below, arranged by year of publication!

The Old Southendian 2008

The School Song - Gerald Usher (Athens, 1951-1958)

Roll of Honour - Lesley Iles (Staff, 2005-) and Robert Arnold (Athens, 1945-1951)

The Old Southendian 2009

The Real Story of the Moose - Ivan Haxell (Athens, 1931-1937)

Pioneering Support for Asperger’s Syndrome at SHSB - Fern Potter (School Governor, 2003-Present)

The OSA on Facebook - Sam Walford (Athens, 2001-2008)

An Old Boy at the Beijing Olympics - Jonty Clarke (Troy, 1992-1999)

The Old Southendian 2010

House OSA Relay Race - Chris Sorrell (Sparta, 1975–1982)

House Ten Pin Bowling - Kerry Martin (Tuscany, 1998–2000)

Mansfield Reunion 2010 - Geoff Hillman (Troy, 1938-1942)

The Train Journey - Kenneth Bennett (Athens, 1939-1944)

The Old Southendian 2011

Well, Did You Ever... - Nigel Leicester (Sparta, 1948-1949)

Oxford Blue - Tom Frith (Troy, 2003-2010)

Memories of Cricket Tours Gone By - Denis Tilbrook (Troy, 1954-1961)

The Old Southendian 2012

The Golfing Marathon Runner - Simon Le Mare (Tuscany, 1977 – 1980)

The Old Southendian 2013

D-Day - Ronald Crafer - Ronald Crafer (Athens, 1936-1941) in the Swindon Evening Advertiser

Reminiscences of a Schoolboy - Roy Simons (Troy, 1935-43)

The Old Southendian 2014

A Modest Man, but a Brave One - Grant R.M. Littler (Troy, 1956-1963)

Headteacher's Report 2014 - Dr R. M. Bevan (Headteacher)

Wally Allens First School Trip - Gerald R Peacock (Athens, 1950–55)

The Old Southendian 2015

SHSB visit Tanzania - Clive Shiret (Athens, 1973-1975)

Pupils on the move - Gerald Usher (Athens, 1951-1958)

Mansfield revisited - Doug Mayhew (Troy, 1939-1944)

The Old Southendian 2016

Old Southendian Angling Society - Nick Robins (Athens, 1978-1984)

Sixth Christmas Reunion - Joseph Zammit (Tuscany, 2004-2011)

Obituary: Edward George Morris (Headmaster, 1971-1988) - John Morris (son)

The Old Southendian 2017

Old Southendian Ladies Group - Helen Watson née Seaman (Sparta, 1981-1983)

The Old Southendian 2018

The Old Southendian Organ Society 2018 report – Back in Business - Joseph Zammit (Tuscany, 2004-2011)

RIP Phil Hopkins - Memories of the Hockey Club - Phil Hopkins (Tuscany, 1939-1941)