Legacy Provision

Protecting the future

For many of us Southend High School for Boys shaped our future and prepared us for the next step in life. As part of the Old Southendian Association's plan of support for the School, we offer all Members an opportunity to personally invest in the School’s future at the forefront of local education.

It will cost you nothing today, but
 remembering Southend High School for Boys in your Will is a wonderful way to ensure your support and commitment into the future.

The Legacy Committee will meet to agree grant making as per the terms of an individual’s specific bequest and / or the overall aims of the Association to play a full part in future School projects.

To ensure the best possible tax advantage and therefore maximise the legacy, the Association is proposing a legacy account connected to a charity to administer the application of funds.

There are a number of ways to write a Will depending upon your intent:

  • Pecuniary Will: fixed sum of money, a property or other specific item.
  • A Bequest in Kind: a gift of something specific that you own such as shares in a company, a book collection, a house or land.
  • Residuary Will: the residue of your estate after specific bequests to family and friends. This may be in the form of a percentage of your estate and may not need updating unlike a pecuniary Will where you have bequested a fixed sum. You may wish to allocate a percentage of your estate to more than one charity.

When you have decided upon the type of legacy you intend to leave, please contact your solicitor. The Association advises you seek guidance from your own legal advisor regarding the nature and terms of your bequest in the context of estate and tax planning and obligations you may have to your family and others.