New Southendian

New Southendian - 2015-2017 snapshot
New Southendian - 2017-2018 snapshot

Some sixth form students at the school have used their enrichment and wellbeing time to start a publication, made available online and in print, which aims to cover a wide range of topics, including current affairs, history, sport, politics, local news, reports from the school and interviews with staff.

A selection of articles from the first two years of the New Southendian (2015-2017, under the editorships of Charlotte Parker and Jack Duffield), and from the latest academic year (2017-18, under the editorships of Amelia Cook and Luke Mitchell) which may be of interest to Old Southendians may be downloaded below. These snapshots include interviews with staff, reports on the SHSB archive project, Remembrance Services and the new Hitchcock library, and more.

Download the 2015-2017 snapshot issue here.

Download the 2017-2018 snapshot issue here.

More recent articles may be found directly on the New Southendian website (, and selections of articles will appear here periodically.