House Ten Pin Bowling

OSA & SHSB House Ten Pin Bowling
The Victorious Spartan Team: Luka Cekeravac; Dan Woodman; Sam Cornford; Dave Lindsay; Sophie Taylor; Ian Sperring; Liam Sayers; Natasha Rawling; Chris Sorrell; Jasmine Joyce; Jon James; Ashley Thompson; Sam Shorto

Promoting a strong relationship between the OSA and the students of SHSB is certainly key to the success of our ever-growing Association. This March saw the second inter-House OSA and SHSB ten pin bowling competition where the mighty Tuscans, Trojans, Athenians and (cheating, surely!) Spartans bowled every ball as if their lives depended on it.

A great evening was had by all, by young and not so young alike, and served to enhance the connection the Association has with the School and its students. We all waited with bated breath as Chris Sorrell (Sparta, 1975 - 82) and Clive Shiret (Athens, 1973 – 75) added up our totals from all our games (fixed the totals more like) to reveal who would be the champions.

OSA President 2010, Derek Impey, presents Dale Brewerton (Athens, 1974 - 79) with the tankard for the top individual score, a superb combined total of 310

Well done to Sparta for topping the score table (allegedly, so Sorrell says)! Amazingly, the first and second places were decided by the final ball of Sophie Taylor of Sparta, although whether using the contraption designed for children to get the ball down the lane was allowed….? I’ll let it go – for now.

Here’s looking forward to another battle of the bowling balls next year!

Kerry Martin (Tuscany, 1998 – 2000)