House OSA Relay Race

OSA Relay Teams Star on Sports Day
Tuscany: Ed Currington; Oliver Tatton-Bennett; Mark Masson; Greg Molford.
Sparta: Dan Walden; Ben Adubi; Ian Prior; Rob Taylor.
Athens: Sam Walford; Joe Morrison; Lloyd Hartman; Richard Gray
Troy: Jack Cripps; Michael Hossack; Mike Shiel; Mark Elvidge

After last year’s fledgling relay race, we were offered the opportunity to enter OSA House 4 x 100m relay teams of Sports Day. Our thanks go to Mr Thomas for allowing us to do this, and the enthusiasm with which the runners came forward proved the fact that they were actually running for Athletics points mattered. All the runners bar one had left the School in the last three years; the exception was Mark Elvidge (Troy, 1975 – 82) who is still the SHSB senior 200m record holder.

There were over one hundred OSA Members present and our thanks go to Nick Robins and Richard Cox for manning the OSA tent and keeping us all lubricated with water and other soft drinks. It was the last race of the afternoon; Mark Valencia announced the Teams, and to much cheering, the race got underway. Troy won, and even at the age of 45, Mark Elvidge showed the youngsters why he still holds that record. Next year, it is hoped that there will also be a Veterans’ race. The pre-war Old Southendian Relay Cup has now been located and it is going to be presented at this year’s Reunion Dinner to the victorious Trojan squad.

Chris Sorrell (Sparta, 1975 – 1982)