President's Collar

The President's Collar

Each President of the Association is entitled to wear the Collar of Office for the duration of their year in Office. Cliff Wyatt, (Tuscany, 1931 - 38), Member of Staff at Southend High School for Boys (1951 - 1981) and Past President of the Association (1983 - 84) has provided the following history:

"My father, W.B.Wyatt, physics teacher at the School from 1921-58, President of the Association in 1956-57, gave the Collar which is part of the Old Southendian Lodge Past Master's Jewel suspended from a green ribbon (which is very hard to buy). The Badge is the Badge of the School which was granted by the College of Heralds in 1934, one year after the Lodge was consecrated in 1933."