President 2024

Jim Harrington, President 2024

The President of the Old Southendian Association for 2024 is James "Jim" Harrington (Sparta, 1968-1975), who has written a message for Old Southendians below...

Dear Old Southendian,

On 11th February at Thorpe Hall Golf Club I had the honour of taking over the presidency from the 2023 president, Dan Garside. Congratulations to our President Designate for 2025, the OSA’s previous Chairman, Clive Shiret.

I am really looking forward to making the most out of my year as president and I hope to engage with the school and as many of our affiliated clubs as much as possible.

I joined SHSB in September 1968 having previously attended Edwards Hall Junior School in Eastwood. My main reason for choosing the school was my love of football. The school down the road only played rugby, so it wasn’t for me.

My favourite subject at school was mathematics which, having taken an A-level in Pure Maths with Computer Science, led me to a career in computers (more commonly known these days as “IT”). I learnt my trade at Southend Borough Council, before moving to a firm in London where I had opportunities to work in Germany, South Africa, Switzerland, USA and Mexico. In 1985 I started a software company with my then boss, and I am still currently Managing Director of that company.

I played football for the school and became heavily involved with the Old Southendian Football Club, playing regularly until I moved to Buckinghamshire in 1987. I now play golf with the Old Southendian Golf Circle and am looking forward to going on tour with them again in June.

I have always been involved with the Old Southendians, joining the executive committee back in 1976. It is always great to catch up with other Old Southendians who I have had the privilege to meet over the years. I was particularly pleased that six members of my class were able to join me at the President’s lunch.

Along those lines, my “theme” for the year is to “Renew old friendships”. Sometimes our lives head in different directions, and we lose touch with people. We may have been best friends at school, but lost contact when we departed to University or started work. I know there are a few people here today who haven’t met for many years. So why not try and reach out to someone you haven’t heard of for a while?