President 2020-21

The President of the Old Southendian Association 2020-21 is Andrew Crow (Athens, 1974-1981)

Andrew Crow, President 2020-21

The Members gave their unanimous approval to the appointment of Andrew Crow as President Designate for 2019. He therefore is Association President for 2020-21. A message written by Andy last year as President Designate is below.

The School and the Old Southendians have been a huge part of my life from joining in 1974 to the present day. I left school at 18 having had what could best be described as an average academic career and immediately joined Harlow Meyer Savage Money Brokers in the City. That was the start of 34 years of employment in London until I decided to start my own local business in 2015.

I first played for the Old Boys in a youth team run by Martin Stansfield in 1975 and am still involved today running the Club’s 3rd XI. I also played in the first Old Boys youth cricket team coached by Alan Carradus from 1977-1980 and played for 4 years after leaving school.

I have fantastic memories of my time at school and my involvement with the sports clubs. I have met countless friends and more importantly kept in touch with people who, without the Association being in place, I may not have.

My son Charlie attended the school and has followed not only mine, but also his Grandfather Don Rayner’s footsteps in actively supporting the Association.

It was therefore the greatest honour of my life to be asked by Kevin Leigh if I would be your President for 2020. I have several plans and ideas that I wish to enact but most importantly I promise to try to emulate the high standards set before by my predecessors.

I would like to take this opportunity in wishing Chris Sorrell good luck with his Presidential year.

Andrew Crow (Athens, 1974-1981)