The School

It is not possible to spend more than a day at Southend High School for Boys without realising that the future progress of the school depends greatly on the momentum of the school's past history.

I know that Old Southendians delight in reading about the school's activities and achievements, as Southend High School for Boys continues to thrive in these early years of the 21st Century. The Old Southendian Association allows former pupils to maintain a direct link with the current school, as well as providing opportunities for recalling more distant memories of their own time attending the school.

It is no surprise that many Old Southendians identify themselves, throughout their lives, with their house: drawing, from their schooldays, on the formative experiences of competition and co-operation. It is important to know that our plans for the future of the school are anchored in the experiences and traditions of the successful past.

Not only does the OSA provide very practical support to the school, and opportunities for current pupils; but also the Old Southendian Association allows pupils to carry the values and commitments of their school years onwards into adulthood. Information about the school and its present activities will be found on the school's website:

Robin M. Bevan
Headteacher, Southend High School for Boys 2007-