Presidents Message

Richard Maddison, President 2015

The President of the Old Southendian Association 2015 is:

Richard Maddison

(Tuscany, 1962-1969), (School Governor, 1989 - 2004), (Member of the SHSB Academy Trust, 2010 to date)

Our Association, with a membership of over 2,740 is one of the largest in the country and importantly the number joining straight from School has been growing each year. So we are in an increasingly good position to deliver on our motto of "Sustaining Friendships".

During my year in office I aim to fully support the tried and tested events but also to introduce new activities that build on their success. In particular, I want to ensure that we appeal to our younger members, so that joining the Association on leaving school becomes the norm.  I also want to test whether there is demand for a further event to which partners could be invited.  Lastly, given the recent success of the Organ Society and to further widen the appeal of membership, I should like to find out if there is demand for activity related to any sport, or pass-time, not currently served. To achieve these aims we might examine greater use of social media, arrange more informal events in London, as well as Southend and further widen the range of costs. In order to gauge demand we will be relying on a good response to any market research! 

My recently increased contact with the officers and committee members of the OSA has made me realise just how much they do for us; I am looking forward to working with them to deliver on our key aims of promoting a close relationship with the School and supporting it financially and practically. I look forward also to meeting as many members as possible during the year and in particular hearing your views on how we can continue to improve our Association. If you are interested in helping, you can be sure that I shall buy the drinks!