Presidents Message

The President of the Old Southendian Association 2017 is:

Graham Glover

(Troy, 1967-1974),

It was a great pleasure and an honour to be invited to become your President in 2017.  I accepted without hesitation but then realised that I'd need to pen a few words about myself.  It soon became apparent that both the School and the Association have played a very close part in almost all of my life.  I was born in Tottenham but my parents moved to Brunswick Road, Southend, when I was a toddler.  I attended Greenways School which was then a principal "feeder" to SHSB; in fact, all but one of the Class I boys in my year came to the School.
My school years were relatively uneventful but enjoyable and definitely greatly influenced by the staff there at the time:  Frank Price, Dick, Tom Webb, CB, Jimmy Alves, Duncan Grant and my immediate predecessor as President, who taught me to add up (at A Level).  I joined the Association as a Life Member immediately on leaving School and soon got roped in to help Maurice Dumbell and Bunn Fretten "reconfigure" Crowstone Road with sledgehammers!
The decision to follow a career as a Chartered Quantity Surveyor was initially guided by Ray Moss who some 20 years later became a cliient.  My sporting prowess (sic) led me to join the Football Club and I spent 15 years under the guidance and encouragement of Uncle Len in the "Fighting Fifths".  Wally Clarke sent me straight back there after my one and only appearance in the Fourths.  The School link continued; I played football alongside my best man, Paul Williams and brother-in-law to be, Jim Harrington, and my wife, Lesley, is an SHSG Old Girl.  I even bought a rusty Lancia from Barry Hodgson.  Friendships have certainly been maintained for well over 50 years!
Following a request from Maurice Dumbell in the mid 90s for more youth on the OSA Exec, I volunteered and Jonathan Ralph promptly offered me the opportunity to organise the Annual Reunion Dinner instead of him.  I did this for several years including a couple at the school - not an ideal venue for the caterers.  Unfortunately work and family commitments forced me to leave the Exec soon after.  My work as a QS has meant involvement with several major UK projects, including the Jubilee Line Extension and the new Wembley Stadium.  I also had a few stints in sunny Libya (pre-revolution!)
I am immensely proud that both of my childern attended the School, Lucy for her A Levels and Tom all the way through.  Both have since progressed to top UK Universities.  I rejoined the Exec about 10 years ago and almost immediately acquired the role of organising the London Dinner which, I'm pleased to say, has gone from strength to strength.   
I am looking forward to being more involved with the Association and the School in the coming years and will be keeping a keen eye on the various building developments at the School and at Garon Park.