President Designate

The Members gave their unanimous approval to the appointment of Martin Stansfield as President Designate for 2015. He will therefore be Association President for 2016.

Martin has provided the following message about his life and times:

I was delighted and honoured to accept the invitation to become President of the Association in 2016. Although I was never a former pupil at the school, I guess 39 years as a teacher at Southend High for Boys counts for something!

I was born in Oxford and, after attending various schools, graduated from Manchester University with a degree in Civil Engineering. Having decided I didn’t want a career in engineering, I gained a PGSE from Cambridge and started teaching mathematics at SHSB in 1971.

Alan Drummond was Head of Department and had already introduced Computing A level into the Sixth Form curriculum. The school made use of a tele-typewriter link to a mainframe system at Chelmsford as this was before PCs.  In the late 70’s I became interested in the subject, and after attending an evening class at Southend college, I started teaching computing, later becoming Head of Department when Alan retired. With the introduction of cheaper PC technology the subject flourished and also saw the introduction of ICT. Seeing former students follow careers in computing, ranging from working on the NASA Mars project to computer games programmers and working in Silicon Valley has given me great pleasure.

In my first year of teaching I was asked by Tom Webb to take over the running of the First Year (that’s Year 7 to any younger readers!) football team starring such legends as Bob McKelvie and Chopper Clark, to name but two of many people who would later play for the Old Southendian Football Club.  At the same time it was suggested I play for the Old Boys, which I did rising through the 4th XI to the 3rd XI, scoring just one goal at “Pork Chop Hill” from my left back role! During that first year I was also asked to manage an Old Southendian Under 13 side the following season. Over a twelve-year period the various teams enjoyed a good deal of success winning several trophies. The most memorable being the day after I got married!

Having been at SHSB for so long has meant I have taught a large number of people, and although I usually recognise former students, I don’t always remember names, so apologies in advance!  I feel proud that I have taught so many pupils and hopefully helped them with their careers but most of all have made many friends along the way. 

On retiring from teaching I was happy to take on the role of liaising with the School as a member of the OSA Executive. The main objective is to raise awareness of the Association with the Sixth Form and to encourage their membership. 

I look forward to helping the Association continue from strength to strength in the coming years and building up the membership even further. 

Martin Stansfield (Staff, 1971 - 2010)